I received this by email few minutes ago, a BIM services company that offers these services:

  • 3D BIM,
  • 4D BIM – Schedule & Time
  • 5D BIM – Cost Estimation
  • 6D BIM – Sustainability
  • 7D BIM – Facilities Management

anyone agrees with me that this is getting ridiculous? we all know that no BIM solution in the market fulfill even 50% of the above as it is, never mind the BIM modelers.

Give me 3 projects 100D please! outsource them overseas and add some synergy .. over done please!

BIM Management is a new role in AEC industry.
Many AEC professionals may confuse a software super user with a BIM Manager (BIMM), or assume that a CAD managers is by default a BIMM.
Some may attend few seminars about BIM and you suddenly see their job titles as BIMM, two of my friends have been scammed recently by those… they lectured them that BIM is above tools! To justify their ignorance of the software.
So what does it take to make a BIMM?
What are the duties of BIMM?
For me, BIMM ideally need to have a fair mix of:
1- Skill in the particular software used in his company, hands on experience is a MUST.
2- Management skills, in order to implement the new technology, deliver projects, contain risks, and work effectively with others.
3- Good knowledge of how buildings work.
4- Enough years of experience to know the process and nature of design / construction.
Good BIM manager need to have multidisciplinary knowledge.

I’ll try to write few short articles to raise awareness and share knowledge about BIM Management and especially from the perspective of my favorite Revit.

Away from software suppliers marketing campaigns, no existing solution is enough for real project needs, the BIMM need to tailor processes, standards, contents, templates, work arounds, use it in combination with other software… or at least know how to out-resource this.

Let me end this article with an example of the difference between BIM operator or super user Vs. BIMM..
on big projects there’s always a debate about how many users can concurrently work on the same BIM model or how many pieces the project needs to be split to.
Software suppliers will not transparently aknowledge the limits of their software in either way, especially with the never ending variety of hardwares and network configurations.
A BIM user tends to simplify the system.
Simplicity is great, but I’m afraid that there’s a limit to this. Real life complex jobs need sophisticated setups.
As a BIMM, I’d minimize the risks of having so many users working on one big model, because:
* if the file crashes then the impact on the project program is painful.
* harder to track quality and responsibilities of bad practices.
* bigger models need more expensive machines.
* bigger models will put tougher load on network.

Savy BIMM will plan his system on
* worst case scenarios
* existing and proved technology

Lastly I’d like to share this famous matrix to illustrate how risks are visualized:












Picture  source:

I recommend a biweekly (or weekly) maintenance:
1- “flatten” the file: detach from central > discard worksets, and save as normal file
2- Audit

beside the normal procedures (warnings, “selective” purge unused …etc)

first point means: don’t rely on worksets to control visibility, it’s a poor practice
probably the best (and for me the only practical reason) to create worksets is to partially load the file during opening

central files become more vulnerable to errors because of their bigger size, and because many users are using it (so a network issue in any machine while saving to central may cause an issue)
so it’s always better to save local files on local drive (this will reduce the load from the network), if you’re saving to central (leaving defaults) it’ll save the file 3 times to the server (1 save the local, 2 save to central, 3 save back to the local)

however, linking is better way -as explained in previous articles-.

Finally, purge cad and purge cad patterns (imported linetypes) are upgraded to 2015 (& 2014).
one new function was added to purge imported cads plugin:
it used to clean only imported files, but some users reported that they still see cad related items and the plugin didn’t detect it! Upon checking their files it turned out that these elements are not actually a cad imports nor links! It’s a type that can be purged by manage> purge..
Anyway version 1.2 cleans these unused CAD-link-types.

I’ve emailed the purchased one (purge cads) to customers.
Both are already sent to Autodesk exchange for publishing.
New code doesn’t contain any obsolete method for Revit 2015 API, in order to save time when it’s upgraded to 2016.


All project models have same families / types (maybe also type parameter values, e.g. after going in depth with your door families and full in their parameters;  or after a round of fixing electrical loads in your mechanical equipments)
If you prefer linking over central files (like me) then you’ll save time by “batch-updating” many families to a folder full of revit files.

Force update option will force revit to read the family and its types.

As expected it’ll ignore backup files,  and you can manually choose which files/ families.

Most countries are using metric units, do you know that Revit always converts any unit to feet?
In my master planning plugin, I had an annoying inaccuracy bug in coordinates because I used:
As a conversion factor from meter to feet instead of

Do you know what does that mean?
Revit needs 16 digits! Instead of 1 to save the width of your door if you’re in meters!

Autodesk, this must be solved

fun break!

today google analytics reported to me that I’ve 41 “active visitors” to my humble website (revitonic.com) ..
I was so curious to know why those 41 are in mid of no where (some where in mid of Pacific ocean) then for my surprise google says: International Space Station – control room!! (ISS)
I don’t know who’s joke / technical glitch.. is this.. but I doubt that ISS is interested in BIM … kkkkk
I wondered what to call this post? some ideas: ISS goes BIM!! or: revitonic goes astronomical!!..

by the time of writing these lines.. my “41 active NASA visitors” are above UK..sorry now approaching Oman toward India… hehehe


ISS image from NASA

ISS image from NASA